I am a Man


A Man Who Loves to Talk!

Self-learner, dreamer, compassionate, tech-geek.

Hi there!

My name is MD ASIF AHMED. People find me enthusiastic & friendly. Sharing knowledge is my passion. My biggest strength is – I am a quick self-learner. Computer technology is my play ground. I have a YouTube channel growing. I love to learn. I’m a android dev, graphics & web designer.

I am compassionate, I can put myself in others’ shoes. Having this ability gave me a whole new perspective to look at things. I prefer giving over taking. They say that I have a good sense of humor too. In case you are wondering, my personality type is “INFP” (Google it, if you don’t know what that means).

And, one last thing, I love my family more than anything.

Oh, did I mention that, I looooove to travel?

Just so you don’t get confused, I have studied business but I am a tech-geek. It’s really fun to apply tech in business. It was nice meeting you 🙂

  • Uttar krishnapur, Shatgaon, Chandina, Cumilla.
  • +880 17 7743 4322

My Professional Skills

Times are changing so our surroundings. The diversified workforce require different types of skills.

English Language 70%
Overall Technology 80%
Adobe CC 2019 80%
Web Development 70%
App Development 67%
Wordpress 60%

Awesome features

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Animated elements

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Responsive Design

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Modern design

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Retina ready

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Fast support

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    Nowab Alir Bari, Uttar krishnapur, Shatgaon-3519, Chandina, Cumilla.



    +880 96 3873 9262


    +880 17 7743 4322